Mission Trips

Each year, opportunities are made available for youth, adults and families to be a part of various mission trips. One of the church’s favorite trips each year is to deliver shoebox Christmas presents to children in Lynch, Kentucky. This ministry began in 2000 and has grown each year since then. 


Mission Giving

Through our weekly offerings, a percentage of the money received is sent to various mission organizations. In addition, each year Signal Mountain Baptist Church has special offerings to help meet the special needs of specific mission causes. Our spring offering typically includes donations for Global Missions through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, donations for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering through the Southern Baptist Convention and donations for the local Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home located here in Chattanooga. In the fall of the year, our emphasis is on receiving donations for the Tennessee Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Then, during November and December, we emphasize Global Missions through the CBF, the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering through the SBC and World Hunger. Occasionally throughout the year, there may also be opportunities to give in crisis situations or through helping to support some hands-on ministry opportunity.


Local Missions

Each month, SMBC seeks to give our members the opportunity to help with a local mission/ministry organization. Many of these opportunities include collecting items needed by the organization, but some monthly ministries also give our members opportunity to physically be a part of the ministry which we are spotlighting that month. Although various ministries in the Chattanooga area are included, a lot of the local mission work is done through the Signal Mountain Social Services, the local Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home, the HaCoBA Care Center in St. Elmo and the Interfaith Hospitality Network. The Signal Mountain Social Services agency, which we also financially support each quarter, helps families in need right here in our own community. Through a monthly food offering Sunday, help with donations for Christmas baskets, and through other occasional special needs projects, we strive to be a vital part of this organization. At least two months of each year, we include the local Children’s Home as our major emphasis. Through donations of needed school supplies as well as providing occasional activities for the children who live at the Home, the Children’s Home is a special ministry to many of our members. The HaCoBA Care Center in St. Elmo is funded totally by churches in our association and has for several years been the number one food provider for those in need in the Chattanooga area. Several of our members volunteer on a weekly basis to help with this ministry and we also collect needed food items on a regular basis.